Dynamic Security is a service organization.

We approach each of our clients with the assumption that your needs and objectives are unique. This approach drives everything we do from design through maintenance service.

We look for opportunities to use emerging open-architecture technology offerings in unique ways to prevent security and safety problems from occurring and detect those that do.

We start every relationship by learning about your business and the risks that require mitigation. Once these are understood we can make competent recommendations for cost-effective deployment of technologies.

Dynamic Security LLC is a verified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB).

Access Control

One Card Solution

Integrate access to secure areas on campus including dorms, classroom buildings, food courts, libraries, parking lots, and fitness centers with the ability to make purchases at stores and restaurants.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance Systems

Providing both forensic and proactive, remote monitoring of your campus will allow you to investigate past incidents, and even prevent future ones from happening.


Intrusion Detection

Measures to help you to identify when an unauthorized person is attempting to gain access to the premises so you can address the situation immediately.



Barriers, like gate operators in parking lots or turnstiles and revolving doors to control traffic flow in buildings, give you the ability to regulate who can access your facilities.


Biometric Readers

Provide heightened security for sensitive areas such as laboratories or research facilities on your campus.


Thermal Detection Devices

Gives you the ability to monitor any temperature, like the temperatures of your faculty, staff, and students, in real time.


Intercom Solutions

Allows you to communicate with remote locations utilizing cellular, SIP or IP-based telephony – perfect for dorm rooms or parking lots.


Blue Light Phones

Remote emergency station communication devices placed strategically around campus to provide immediate response by emergency services.


Key Management

Provides tracking and approving of keys on a real-time basis.

Fire alarm

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

These systems are crucial to alert students, faculty, and staff in emergency situations so they can quickly and safely exit the building.

We take a systems life cycle approach to our work.

The most visible result of this approach is our customized long-term service and maintenance plans that maximize the uptime, longevity, and system function.

Part of our life-cycle approach includes consideration of end-of-life plans for obsolete equipment.  While most other organizations toss the equipment into the landfill, we have developed a program to safely and cost effectively remove gear from your site and dispose of it without damage to the environment.  Ask us about our “Green Removal” plan.