In the healthcare industry, security and life safety systems are crucial in keeping your staff and patients safe. Managing who has access to your healthcare facility is crucial in keeping your patients, staff, and visitors safe. Visitor management is a powerful tool that helps you keep track of visitors and provides timely information as to their destinations. Pre-registering your visitors can save valuable time and resources, resulting in immediate ROI. Coupling a visitor management solution, with access control, surveillance, Blue Light Phones, and nurse call systems provides heightened security and protection for all stakeholders. Below are some of the security solutions that will help secure your facility.

Access Control

Access Control

Measures, like card readers or keypads at critical doors, help you limit access to authorized personnel only.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance Systems

Provide both forensic and proactive, remote monitoring of facilities to  give you the ability to gather information to investigate past incidents, as well as prevent future ones from happening.


Intrusion Detection

Measures to help you to identify unauthorized individuals who are attempting to access the facility so you can investigate in real time.



Barriers, like gate operators in parking lots or revolving doors to control traffic flow in buildings, give you the opportunity to regulate who can access your facilities.


Biometric Readers

Provides heightened security for sensitive areas like laboratories or research facilities.


Thermal Detection Devices

Gives you the ability to monitor any temperature, including body temperature, in real time.


Intercom Solutions

Allow you to communicate with remote locations utilizing cellular, SIP or IP-based telephony – perfect for remote offices or parking lots.


Blue Light Phones

Remote emergency station communication devices placed strategically around the premises to provide immediate response by emergency services.


Visitor Management

Allows you to pre-register visitors, ensuring that all preliminary requirements are met before they arrive onsite.


Key Management

Provides tracking and approving of keys or inventory on a real-time basis.


Nurse Call Systems

A bedside solution that gives your patients the ability to summon a nurse.