With over 20 years of experience, we know how to help schools remain safe and protected. Because every school’s scenario is unique, we provide an in-depth survey and analysis of your campus to help you determine which solutions will be most beneficial in protecting your faculty, staff, and students. Below are the most popular solutions used to secure K-12 educational facilities.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance Systems

Helps you keep an eye in areas where teachers can’t always be.


Intrusion Detection

Measures to help you to identify unauthorized individuals who are trying to access your campus so you can investigate immediately.


Thermal Temperature Devices

Gives you the ability to monitor temperatures (like the temperatures of your students, faculty, and staff) in real time.


Access Control in Conjunction with Video Intercom Solutions

Allows parents to communicate with school staff when they arrive, keeping the students secure.


Visitor Management

Allows you to pre-register visitors, ensuring that all preliminary requirements are met before they arrive at your school.

Fire alarm

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

These systems are crucial to alert students, faculty, and staff in emergency situations so they can quickly and safely exit the building.