In logistical organizations, there are a lot of moving pieces. Security solutions will not only help you to protect your staff and assets, but they can also help you manage and centralize operations. An array of entrances, overhead doors, yards full of equipment, trucks in and out of the property, employees coming and going, salespeople attempting to gain access—all are hallmarks of a large warehousing facility. Managing access to prevent unauthorized visits while maintaining free flow from those who belong, presents a challenge. Controlling inventory, equipment, and fixtures is paramount to a profitable operation. A comprehensive surveillance plan, coupled with access control points, can assist in creating a free-flowing operation, limiting delays. Below are some of the solutions that can benefit your organization so that it remains secure and productive.

Access Control

Access Control

Card readers or keypads at critical doors, allow you to limit access to authorized personnel only.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance Systems

Providing both forensic and proactive, remote monitoring of facilities to allow you to gather evidence and investigate previous incidents, as well as prevent future incidents from occurring.


Intrusion Detection

Measures to alert you when an unauthorized individual is trying to access to the campus so you can address the situation as it is happening.



Barriers, like gate operators in parking lots, give you the ability to regulate who can access your facilities.


Biometric Readers

Provide heightened security for sensitive areas.


Thermal Detection Devices

Gives you the ability to monitor any temperature in real time.


Intercom Solutions

Allows you to communicate with remote locations utilizing cellular, SIP or IP-based telephony, which works well for areas like parking lots.


Blue Light Phones

Remote emergency station communication devices placed around the property to provide immediate response by emergency services.


Visitor Management

Allows you to pre-register visitors prior to their arrival onsite so you can inform them of the preliminary requirements that need to be met.


Key Management

Provides tracking and approving of keys or inventory on a real-time basis.

Fire alarm

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

These systems are crucial to alert staff in emergency situations so they are able to exit the building in a safe and timely manner.