Managed Services

System monitoring gives you the peace of mind that your property and assets are secure 24/7, even when you and your employees are not physically on site.

Utilizing custom analytics, if your surveillance cameras detect unusual motion during off hours, a central station will receive an alert. A guard will then immediately view the live footage and monitor the situation to determine what action needs to be taken.

Genetec Managed Services

Vigil is the managed services division of Dynamic Security. Based in Hamilton NY, the Vigil team is composed of Genetec-certified experts who take a proactive approach to managing your company’s Genetec system.

Vigil can alert your local security integrator when cameras and other hardware need service, and perform new installations for your facilities.

Learn more about Vigil at https://www.vigilmgt.com/


Alarm Monitoring

Our security systems can of course be connected to one of our alarm monitoring partners, for immediate response to suspected trouble.


Reports and Evidence Management

If an incident occurs at your site, it is crucial to have evidence related to the event. Your security system can create custom reports that show who accessed your facility, when they accessed it, and what entrances they used. Many of our video surveillance software packages provide a cloud-based case management tool for quickly isolating and sharing relevant footage with stakeholders and law enforcement.


Access Card Production and Management

Whether a colleague needs a new access card or you’ve hired a new employee, creating and managing access cards on your own can be stressful and tedious. We will take care of the process from producing new badges with high resolution photos, to assigning the access levels required to perform their responsibilities.