Multiple Dwelling Units

Multiple dwelling units are home to many people. On any given day, a development can receive hundreds of visitors and delivery service providers, like Amazon, FedEx, and even Domino’s. Managing the process of granting (and denying) access is critical. Fully-integrated color video intercoms, utilizing smart phone technology to interact with visitors, allows tenants and management to control access to their units. When added to general overall surveillance, gate operators, and 24/7 video monitoring, this presents a comprehensive security solution for all stakeholders. Video intercom solutions not only allow you to admit visitors to your complex, but they also help you manage package deliveries. Having a package room that gives unique codes to each delivery service (and even snaps a picture of them delivering the packages for later verification) is essential in today’s e-commerce world. Ensure that your residents are safe with these security measures below.

Access Control

Access Control

Card readers or keypads at critical doors limit access to authorized personnel.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance Systems

Providing both forensic and proactive, remote monitoring of facilities to allow you to investigate previous incidents, and even prevent future ones from happening.


Intrusion Detection

Measures to help you to identify when an unauthorized person is attempting to access the property so you can investigate and address the situation in real time.



Barriers, like gate operators in parking lots or revolving doors that help control traffic flow in buildings, give you the ability to regulate who can access your property.


Thermal Detection Devices

Gives you the ability to monitor any temperature, including body temperatures, in real time.


Intercom Solutions

Allows you to communicate with remote locations through cellular, SIP or IP-based telephony – perfect for parking lots and other remote areas.


Blue Light Phones

Remote emergency station communication devices placed strategically around the premises. They provide immediate response by emergency services.


Visitor Management

Allows you to pre-register visitors before they arrive at your building, which helps ensure all preliminary requirements are met before they arrive onsite.


Key Management

Lets you approve and track keys in real-time.

Fire alarm

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

These systems are are crucial to alert residents in emergency situations so they can quickly and safely exit the building.