For pharmaceutical companies, securing your stakeholders and sensitive assets is critical. Access to controlled substances, intellectual property, database and server integrity can be challenging for any pharmaceutical company to mitigate. Security equipment can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and penetration to the most valuable aspects of a pharmaceutical business. Dynamic understands the value of maintaining the GxP systems validation process and the importance of properly documenting installations, thus supporting the IT standards expected from our partners. Below are some of the security solutions that will help you to protect your facilities.

Access Control

Access Control

Card readers or keypads at critical doors limit access to authorized personnel.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance Systems

Provides both forensic and proactive monitoring of your facilities to allow you to investigate incidents that have happened in the past, as well as anticipate future events.


Intrusion Detection

Measures to help you to identify unauthorized individuals who are attempting to access your facilities,  so you can investigate in real time.



Barriers, like gate operators in parking lots or turnstiles and revolving doors in buildings, allow you to manage who is able to access each area of your facility.


Biometric Readers

Provides heightened security for sensitive areas such as laboratories or research facilities.


Thermal Detection Devices

Gives you the ability to monitor any temperature in real time.


Intercom Solutions

Allows you to communicate with remote locations using cellular, SIP or IP-based telephony—which works well for areas like parking lots.


Blue Light Phones

Remote emergency station communication devices placed strategically around the premises to provide immediate response by emergency services.


Visitor Management

Allows you to pre-register visitors beforehand so you can ensure that all preliminary requirements are met before they arrive onsite.


Key Management

Allows you to track and approve keys or inventory on a real-time basis.