Physical Security

Properly securing your facilities is really about several things: mitigating risks, minimizing friction to the operation of the business and the movement of people, and selecting a system design that can grow with your company.

It also must allow your security department to act effectively, by

  • Providing actionable information in a suitable user interface
  • Enabling an appropriate response, whether in real-time or forensically
  • Alerting you when a system component (like a camera) needs attention.
  • Integrating with other systems and databases like Active Directory

Dynamic Security has the system design and deployment experience to deliver a physical security solution that meets these requirements. We deal with hundreds of security hardware and software manufacturers annually, but are agnostic when choosing a video management system or access control platform. Everything is based on your requirements.


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has become a staple for most security systems. Our experienced team of engineers will design a surveillance system that will meet the needs uncovered during collaboration with your staff. Remote access from desktops, laptops, or even smartphones allows you to stay connected even when you’re not on the premises.

Utilizing technology such as thermal imaging, multiple sensor, blast-proof, night vision, and simple fixed focus, we will design a combination that can meet the standards of any organization.


Access Control

Access control: In today’s environment, controlling access is critical to the proper operation of any organization. Implementing the most basic protection, such as keys and door closers, to designing a four-factor identification process becomes critical. Working with our clients, we determine the proper level of protection required and determine a path for implementation.

  • A key card access control system limits access to your facility to approved stakeholders. This could be as simple as a keyfob on a keychain or as advanced as a Bluetooth credential on a smartphone.
  • Biometric access control solutions allow your personnel to gain entry to the premises by facial recognition, fingerprints, iris scans, or a combination of the three.
  • Barrier access control, such as gate operators, turnstiles, and revolving doors, prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your property or accessing certain areas.

Visitor Management

Visitors to your facility may be inevitable, not knowing who is coming ahead of time to properly prepare doesn’t have to be. Pre-register visitors, track their movement through your facility and see who is responsible for the visitor can easily be configured in your access control system.



In areas where higher security verification is required, biometric solutions may be in order. Facial Recognition, Iris Scanning, Finger or Palm prints can permit your colleagues to securely access your facilities.


Intrusion Detection

Utilizing a combination of magnetic contacts, motion detection, laser barriers, pressure sensors, glass breakage, and temperature sensors, we can monitor your facility and notify authorities according to your instructions. Online interaction via smart phone apps and online portals is basic part of every system.

Communicating with gates, the front door, shipping/receiving overhead doors or individual offices is critical to properly protecting a facility. An integrated Intercom system can assist in reducing human resource assets while not sacrificing safety. This results in immediate and measurable ROI.