We are excited to announce a rebranding of Dynamic!
Most of what we have been, and aspire to be, has not changed at all. We care about People, Processes and Outcomes. We focus foremost on finding mission-driven people. We also recognize that our supply-chain impacts customer success, so we choose great supply partners who are as committed to innovation, openness, and transparency as we are.
We know customers often have similar, but not identical needs. We think of every relationship, every system, and every support engagement as unique.
Smart customers realize security should be business-enabling. We envision our work that way, too. Problems are solved at least as much by hard work and focus, as they are by the presence of great technology.
We will continue to work tirelessly to give our people the tools to succeed for you. The team members our clients see every day have both responsibility and decision-making latitude to turn objectives into reality. Dynamic is here to listen, problem-solve, and get busy.
Our new logos are intended to signal continued growth from our past. The arc of our new trademark art evokes a call to our past, while dropping the explicit nod to “digital”, and emphasizing concentric rings. Security and technology professionals are always thinking in rings…rings of protection, rings of defense, and layers of planning to avoid downtime.
Additionally, we want room in our image for emerging practices in safety, emergency response, and program management. We are, and always will be, security professionals. Happily, our offerings have gone beyond traditional security in many ways, so you may see us identify by either of the trademarks below, and “Security” may play a less dominant role when we are working in some of these emerging areas.
Want to learn more about what each of the concentric rings in our logo represents? Just click the button below to download our PDF!
Learn more about our new logo!
Please feel free to explore our brand new website.
Great to be working with you!
-The Dynamic Team